Aleksander Fredro's Drama Association Fredreum is a fixed, amateur, unprofessional theatre seated at Kazimierzowski's Castle in Przemyśl. The true fondness of theatre art and sublime conceptions have created a phenomenon which has outlived not only turbulent history, but also common slips, recessions and swirls, allowing its members to act since 1869.


The members of our theatre are people from all walks of life – ordinary people of various professions, pensioners, students, learners and even the unemployed. All  gratuitously devoted to theatre art.


Recurring event, which has become a fixed part of Fredreum's agenda, is Fredro's Spring in Przemyśl. So far, theatre groups from Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and many Polish unprofessional  troupes  have taken part in the event. The repertoire includes Aleksander Fredro's plays but also contemporary comedies and dramas written by other playwrights. Fredreum  is  the oldest amateur theatre in Poland and probably in Europe.


In 2009 The Association received Gloria Artist gold medal and in 2011 was honoured with prestigious Pro Publico Bono prize.